The IEIYC representing at California's State Capitol!




The IEIYC holding space at May Day!

IEIYC lead a legislative visit in collaboration with PODER at UCR with Assemblymember Sabrina Cervantes. As immigrant youth leaders in the IE we asked for her support on SB 54, we hope to continue working with her office to bring up issues that affect immigrant communities.


Acompáñenos en agosto 31 de 5:30pm-6:30pm en la Biblioteca de la Arlanza aprender como tomar acciones preventivas en casos de emergencia en la región del Inland Empire. Es importante ahora mas que nunca preparar y educar a nuestra comunidad sobre sus derechos y saber cuáles son las mejores prácticas cuando interactuamos con la policía local, patrulla fronteriza y agentes de ICE.
Join us August 31st from 5:30pm-6:30pm at the Arlanza Library to take preventative actions in case of emergencies in the Inland Region. It is important now more than ever to prepare and educate our community about their rights & best practices when encountering local police, border patrol and ICE.

know your rights


Congratulations to our 1st ever UMA Summer 2017 cohort!

Through the Emerging Leaders Program this summer, 11 immigrant youth from all over the Inland Empire were able to connect with others who shared their experiences, engage with the community, and empower themselves with knowledge and motivation to continue pushing for justice in our communities!

We thank everyone who made this program possible, including our supporters, partners and all who believe in our work! Stay tuned for more! #uma #youthpower #immigrantpower

2017 UMA Cohorts


If you have any questions or need certainty during the upcoming presidency, please use these two resources made by the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) to know what your rights are:

What to Do if Questioned by Law Enforcement

Que debe hacer si la policia, un agente de immigracion o el FBI lo detiene

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