The IEIYC representing at California's State Capitol!




The IEIYC holding space at May Day!


Come join The Inland Empire – Immigrant Youth Collective on Saturday April 29th as we prepare for May Day 2017! Come be part of our movement as we show the Inland Empire what resistance looks like!

For more information on our art making party please visit our
facebook event here.

For more information on May Day 2107, please visit
May Day 2017 facebook event here.

If you have any questions contact: | | (IEIYC)| javier@ic4ij,org(IC4J)

If you have any questions or need certainty during the upcoming presidency, please use these two resources made by the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) to know what your rights are:

What to Do if Questioned by Law Enforcement

Que debe hacer si la policia, un agente de immigracion o el FBI lo detiene

#SinPapeles #SinMiedo #Undocumented #Unafraid