Eligibility for Medi- Cal depends on an individual’s:

1. Age-Ages 0 to 64 may qualify.

2. Immigration Status -Refer to chart on previous page for eligibility.

3. Federal Poverty Level (FPL)

  • You must be at or below 138%* of the FPL to meet Medi- Cal’s household income requirement.
  • An Applicant’s household size and income are used to calculate their FPL.

4. Household SIze- Includes the following members in your household:

  • Yourself
  • Married partner (or unmarried partner if you have mutual children or file taxes together)
  • Children (biological and adopted) and unborn children.
  • Dependents (anyone under 21, that you take care of and lives with you)

5. Household Income- Includes the income of all people in the household:

  • Self- employment
  • Earned Income (employment wages, salaries, profits, tips)
  • Unearned Income (disability, retirement, pension, unemployment, child/ spousal support)
  • Deductions (student loan interest, alimony, early withdrawal of savings)

DACA recipients: Full coverage Medi-Cal is available to qualifying DACA beneficiaries.
Courtesy of UCLA Labor Center